A Big Brother Waffle

Well we are at the start of week five and since starting blogging; it was inevitable Big Brother was going to creep in somewhere. bb eye I’ve always been a fan of the show, with many nights over the years, spent glued to it with my mammy. It probably sounds a bit ridiculous but as a former housemate, you can’t help feeling some sort of loyalty to the show. No matter how different the set up becomes, how ‘steamy’ and ridiculous the showmances end up or even how shit the actual episode is, you still watch, you still tweet along and sometimes may even find yourself defending it.


Now that I’m back living in Dublin I’m watching on TV3. One thing I must state quickly is that TV3 need to sort their advert out, as it is certainly not ‘the most explosive Big Brother in history’. Possibly in the history of TV3, yes, because they only started showing it last summer and realistically, last summer – BB was shite.


As I’ve previously admitted how much I miss the good old days of BB where it was a genuine social experiment and not, as most would say ‘a stepping stone for many Z listers’. I’m sure without even needing to mention who this year’s is, we’re all aware that Ryan Ruckledge with his ever entertaining (NOT) attention seeking, his talked about drunken scene at X Factor boot camp and of course the clear analaysis of previous Big Brother headlines he has clearly tried to recreate, can stand proud with the ‘I’m extremely desperate for people to know who I am’ trophy. It’s obvious I’m not alone when it comes to missing the iconic, fun and enjoyable to watch tasks rather than the dreaded watching of awkwardness when someone’s bitching is played, or the ‘who’s the most two faced’ questions pop up. Where are the task team who created some of the most hilarious moments of reality TV?


Straight in to everyone’s first question, no I don’t actually know if I would do it all again. Of course I’m extremely grateful for having the experience and have never wished I didn’t do it. Meeting some of the people I did and obviously for the memories I’ve gotten in return, good and the bad, I’m very thankful for but you look at the house very differently once being inside it.


Thankfully I did Big Brother when I did and I think at the age of 18, it gave me a massive advantage for my personal future. From a very young age, I was very much aware of who I was, what I believed in and what I wanted but Big Brother taught me in much more depth. Despite the many things, I’m not going to bore you all with them bar the fact it’s taken my tolerance level of bullsh!t right down below zero, shit.jpg apologies if that offends you in our conversations.


Personally I feel when people watch the show; they do forget that they’re generally missing out on 1,395 minutes of the 1,440 in that day. Anyone with common sense will know that they are seeing even less of each individual, their most ‘entertaining’ moments, usually arguments. That being said, since when did we become a generation of wanting to watch people argue, watch people intimidate others or even watch people turn an entire group of people against one individual. We all point fingers and shout how it’s unacceptable to do this in school or a working environment, why is it all of a sudden entertainment because it’s on the telly? To think what way the media can make us think is a little scary and I just want the old, fun BB backkkkkk.


After a brief, probably confusing, overview of some of my points – I’m off to start writing my analysis of who’s left in there!


Thanks again for reading, Ash xx


One comment

  1. Can’t believe the show is nearly over already. Still, there’s the celebrity series to come which should fend off any withdrawal symptoms of not having any late night TV junk to watch. From Z list wannabes to Z list actualities, the fun and games can continue for a few more months yet.
    Would actually like to see Evelyn win because she seems to have saved her best for last, whereas Jackson started strong, but has gone off the boil. But judging by the pantomime cheers of the crowd, Hughie could have it in the bag.


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